LG activities

The Evolution Story

The ideation of the whole series of language learning enhancement programs began in the year 2004. Initially we dealt with building strong English language skills and have now evolved into ‘Learning Gears’ thereby positioning our self as the Centre of Educational Excellence.

The year of 2012 provided us an impetus to move on to the next age bracket of learners who need another set of customized program to explore their skill level. The Geared Learning Programs are the outcome of this initiative to motivate learners (pre-school years to 12th grade) to explore their language learning and simultaneously giving them confidence in personality enhancement.

The Concept & Perspective

Learning Gears strongly believes in ‘Learning in Action’. We believe that learning is an active cognitive process that pushes the frontiers of communication and brings in a rich repertoire of understanding of thought and speech.

How does Learning Gears do this?

We have no fixed framework or textbooks or teaching aids. We have an evolving curriculum that is fine-tuned to the needs of the 21st Century learners who need to face their future without fear of language acquisition.

Why was the ELT approach adopted?

The need to read, write, speak and listen are essential components to learning the language and English as a language is gradually becoming the language for communication globally. Also, there is still a growing need to bridge the gap of traditional as well as contemporary teaching methodologies. Drawing out the best practices from both the approaches; Learning Gears focuses on whole language learning.

How ELT helps schools/institutions/individuals?

Since language is the base for any form of communication; with the growing need to fuse the traditional and contemporary forms of teaching, schools/institutions of learning constantly require the need to cater to the demand of teaching Life Skills like communication, team work, problem solving, group dynamics et al. Our ELT framework is so robust in its system that the demand of the schools/institutions can be easily met with our teaching/learning programs. What’s more we have the backing of one of the world’s largest and most preferred university; University of Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). Assessment is done by Cambridge ESOL and the learners are able to position their skill level on international benchmarking standards. This adds a lot of value and recognition to the learner’s language competency.