LG activities

Our language programs are geared towards strong, stable and consistent language learning from pre-primary to post-secondary level.

Hands -Up

Learners in the pre-primary level (Kindergarten level) are in the process of assimilating the language that they are learning. The skills of associating words and contexts are raw at this stage and they need to build a firm foundation of their language skills in areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Cambridge ESOL Programs (CEP)

Learners from the primary levels to high school (Grades 1to 12) have the international advantage of comparing their language competency at the internationally benchmarked levels. These levelled programs are conceptualized to give the learners the confidence of ensuring that their language has met certain criterias of assessment in objective manner. Moreover, the tests work as capstone experiences of their whole year efforts of language acquisition and skill training.


Learners from Kindergarten to high school (Grades K to 12) are eager to showcase their speaking skills and their vocabulary content. They are better informed, want to express and explore further within their domains of interests. In the lower grades, the essential efforts are made towards speech that is clear and recognizable moving on to refinement in speech along with articulation and usage of different words that broadens their context of reference. Communicative roleplays, Debates, discussions, presentation, oration, etc. are more synthesized in this program. This learning program is interactive and cognition based.


Language acquisition is impossible without the grammar usage. Day by day, with more confluence of different world cultures and also the premium importance put on English language and its expression; this program focuses on the grammar usage and understanding. This program involves the language skills of reading, speaking, writing and listening in context of grammar. Through this program kids start exploring different contexts and cues and try to fit it within their frame of reference. This is a very crucial learning program because skills enhancements in terms of speaking and presenting have to be introduced and developed so as to be aligned with the language demands in each of the grade levels.


Harnessing the qualities of traditional and modern teaching methodology, Learning Gears synergises and aligns relevant resources and methods, maps the content with the curriculum thereby enabling positive learning outcomes.